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Emmy Award winning television host and sportscaster, Ahmad Drushane Brooks, has over ten years of experience working with ESPN, Fox Sports and IMG networks throughout the years. Every Saturday during college football season, Ahmad is broadcasting live from football stadiums all over the country on ESPN’s family of networks. He regularly contributes to ESPN’s Longhorn Network on “Longhorn Extra” and “Upon Further Review”. Brooks was on award-winning “Texas Gameday” from 2012 through 2014, alongside Ricky Williams, Vince Young and Lowell Galindo.

Following his time at Texas, Ahmad signed a free agent contract with the Buffalo Bills (’02-’03) and New Orleans Saints (’04). In 2005, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies from the University of Texas.

Ahmad became the first signee of Mack Brown era at UT in 1998. He had an All-Big 12 senior season by leading the #1 nationally ranked defense in tackles during 2001 season, including a career-high 22 stops in the Big 12 Championship Game. After serving as captain his senior year, Ahmad and his fellow teammates were deemed the winningest class in UT history in 2001.

Ahmad was born on March 13, 1980 to the proud parents of Edgar and Mary Brooks. A native of Abilene, Texas, Ahmad attended Abilene High School and led the Eagles’ football team as the quarterback and captain to their best record in decades (’97). In addition, Ahmad had the privilege of lettering 8 times in other sports including soccer, baseball, and track from ‘94-’98 and was class president all four years.

Ahmad has used his degree from a top-flight communications department to become a premier sports-broadcaster, sensational motivational speaker and excellent emcee of events. Brooks’ philanthropic efforts include assisting numerous non-profits in raising millions of dollars throughout the years as an emcee and mentoring young people all over the country.


Education and Training Certificates...

University of Texas, B.A. Communication Studies, Minor Business ('05)

What is your preferred demographic to serve?

I enjoy working with kids ages 5 - 18, but feel like I'm at my best working with male athletes between 7 - 15. Kids with an affinity to sports tend to benefit from my forward, firm and fun style of mentoring and coaching.

What activities do you enjoy exposing your mentee to?

Attending live sporting events and finding a good watering hole for swimming. We would also uncover the best restaurants in town to eat at, hang out at my office while I work and check out best spots in town to capture sunset.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love spending quality time with my son Ayden, reading self help best sellers and discovering new things about myself. I'm always up to travel to the beach, watch sports on television, take in a good movie, laugh uncontrollably with friends and hit the links with buddies.

Who are people that inspire you?

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of my all-time favorite people for the example he was as a scholar, communicator, humanitarian and leader. The story of Jesus Christ is the most fascinating story I've ever read or heard and inspires me in many ways. My mother has always inspired me for the way she genuinely cares for people and always has wisdom to share with others.

What makes you happiest?

When I have a slice of pizza in one hand, remote in the other while sitting on the couch at home with family watching a live sporting event after a long productive day. #Bliss

What one skill do you wish you could master?

It's hard not to say communication here, but my love for outdoors and a good challenge forces me to choose golf. I started playing in my thirties, but wish I would have started much sooner. This game is SO difficult to master, but it's hard to beat a beautiful day on the links with good friends.

If you could bring one fictional character to life, who would it be?

This is so easy...BATMAN!!! All my life I have hoped for Batman's swag, still working towards being as cool, collected and courageous as Batman. He has no super powers but possesses a keen intellect and superb fighting skills. Batman's impressive Bat gadgets are just downright bossy!

What makes you cry?

Anything regarding children, will bring me to tears in a flash. This mama's boy is not shame admitting to loving and crying regularly during chick flicks. Please don't judge me. :)